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It started in a seemingly random conversation between best friends and business partners Michaela Drapes and Shannon Robertson. A passing discussion about the linguistic elegance of the words 'kindling and tinder' -- the necessary elements to start a fire -- turned into the creative spark behind the two designers' first line of bespoke gentleman's gloves and scarves for fall/winter 2007/8.

Descended from generations of skilled knitters, seamstresses and embroiderers, Drapes and Robertson apply their respective family legacies of fine handwork to the design process. Turning their backs on harsh acrylic yarns and generic, bulky shapes, they create scarves and gloves handmade from luxury fibers (including yak, camel, cashmere, silk, and most surprisingly -- stainless steel) that integrate heirloom techniques with modern shapes, creating functional, contemporary pieces. From the cables that ripple across the ultraluxe weight of the outsize "Gallup" scarf to the regimented ribbed knitting that gives way to the neatly truncated fingers of "The Special" -- a glove designed with the tobacco-partial man in mind, also available in a "non-smoking" version -- Kindling & Tinder's pieces are full of unexpected details and quirks.

Based out of an 1899 brownstone in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, Kindling & Tinder is currently developing a group of patterns for Fall 2009. The waiting list for custom orders for 2010 is currently open; a personal consultation with the designers to discuss each piece is strongly recommended. Though some pieces can be produced without specific measurements, Drapes and Robertson aim to create one-of-a-kind pieces customized with each clients' needs in mind -- a true bespoke process. Kindling & Tinder seeks to develop longstanding relationships with a core group of clients whose individual style, presentation, and personal brand of masculinity are an inspiration and challenge to the company's design philosophy.